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  • 30102012

    15 Misconceptions About Minimalist Shoes and Natural Running

    Natural Running Center
    There is no perfect way to hit a forehand in tennis, or to drive a golf ball, or to kick a soccer ball, but the degree of divergence from the accepted norm in each of these activities is relatively small. When you look at runners who have excellent form, the similarities are more numerous than […]

  • 10092012

    Defining Minimalism and Running Shoes: Bringing the Hype Back to Earth

    Natural Running Center
    Hoe kwantificeer je hardloopschoenen? Wanneer is een running schoe minimalistisch? Wat is de belangrijkste eigenschap: zero drop, de hoogte van de zool of de mate van cushioning? What is the relationship between the FiveFingers, Brooks’ Pure Connect, the Nike Free 4.0 and the Adizero Hagio from Adidas? All are considered “minimalist” running shoes. However, their […]

  • 18052012

    Facts on Foot Strike

    Running Times
    Maakt het uit of je op je hak of voor- of middenvoet landt? The minimalist movement of the last few years has gotten runners focused on their feet. Many now know what research has shown: Foot-strike patterns are variable, and the specific interaction between the foot and the ground is influenced by multiple factors like […]

  • 07032012

    The Principles of Natural Running

    Natural Running Center
    Yet unless runners understand the important principles of the gait cycle, or running movement, it can be difficult to know how to make the personal (and go-it-slow, gradual) adaptation to natural running. Mooie video van ‘natural running advocate’ Mark Cucuzzella.

  • 27022012

    Garmin Forerunner 910XT in depth review

    DC Rainmaker
    The Garmin Forerunner 910XT represents the next generation triathlon/multisport watch from Garmin. The watch builds on many areas that the FR305 and then FR310XT had – including a slimmer profile then either of those watches, and a new pool swimming mode to track your distance while swimming laps. But are these changes and others enough […]

  • 26022012

    Maatvoering hardloopschoenen

    Handig: een opzoektabelletje met maatvoering voor hardloopschoenen. Voor mannen en vrouwen is er een aparte tabel. De Europese, Amerikaanse en Engelse maten staan erin. Mannen [table id=6 /] Vrouwen [table id=7 /]

  • 21022012

    Loopscholing bij een zweepslag

    In Balans
    Tendomyogene klachten, d.w.z. klachten aan de spierpees- overgang, komen in de sport frequent voor. Is het trainen van de loopcoördinatie met gebruik van de speedfootlad- der effectief bij de revalidatie naar sporthervatting van een 23-jarige korfbalster met zulke klachten aan de proximale kuitmusculatuur, de zogenoemde zweepslag?

  • 24122011

    Healthy Running Comes from the Arms and Head Connection

    Natural Running Center
    You’re probably familiar with the idea that healthy running form involves leaning from the ankles, whether barefoot or shod, but perhaps you’ve struggled with mastering it. Perhaps you think you are doing it correctly, but then when you see your race photos or your reflection in storefronts as you run pass, you see you’re upright! […]

  • 10112011

    The Once and Future Way to Run

    New York Times
    When you’re stalking barefoot runners, camouflage helps. “Some of them get kind of prancy when they notice you filming,” Peter Larson says. “They put on this notion of what they think barefoot running should be. It looks weird.” Larson, an evolutionary biologist at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire who has been on the barefoot […]

  • 15092011

    Wat train ik nu eigenlijk?

    Triathlon 266
    Triatleten trainen wat af. Life is simple: swim, bike, run, eat, sleep. De triathlonbladen en –websites staan bol van de trainingsmethodes en discussiefora over trainingsvormen. De termen vliegen je om de oren: tempoduurloop, intervaltraining, fartlek, heuveltraining, long slow distance, D1, D2- of D3-training, een climaxloop – en zo kan ik nog wel even doorgaan. Denk je […]

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